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Private Harold Welborn


Harrogate Herald - 25th April 1917

Chats with the Wounded

Private Harold Welborn, of the Royal Naval Division, the youngest son of Mr W H Welborn, of Dragon Terrace, [William H Welborn, 16 Dragon Terrace], Harrogate, returned to Harrogate this weekend, after his discharge from the Moorpark Hospital at Preston in Lancashire. He is home on ten days' furlough before returning to the Divisional Headquarters. Private Welborn was invalided from France suffering from trench feet. He has been in hospital just over two months. His feet are now practically better. Private Welborn joined the RND at Crystal Palace in the early days of the war, and subsequently volunteered for service in France. A curious incident on the West front marked the advance of the RND on one occasion, when the captured some German main trenches. Part of the line had been occupied by the German staff, and when they reached the dugout and saw staff papers about their curiosity was aroused. Imagine their interest when a big glass paper-weight on the table had a view in colour of Crystal palace, the very place from where the Division had come. It proved a popular find.


Harrogate Herald - 27th February 1918

Private Harold Welborn, son of Mr William H Welborn, of Dragon Terrace, Harrogate, has received his discharge from hospital, and is home on furlough prior to returning to his depot. Private Welborn, who was drafted from the Naval Reserve in training in Crystal Palace, London, into khaki in the early stages of the war, received a bullet wound while near the Cambrai line some weeks ago. He was one of a night party digging in front of heir trenches with the Germans not very far away. The enemy must have heard the party at work, for they began sniping with a machine gun, and the Harrogate soldier received a bullet clean through the upper part of the arm. Fortunately no bones were smashed or nerves cut. He has been in hospital near Manchester for several weeks, and the wound has nicely healed up. He was invalided home over a year ago with trench foot.


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