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Private Charles White


Harrogate Herald - 27th January 1915

Private C White, 5942, 1st West Yorks, son of Mrs White, of Westmoreland Passage, writing home says :

Dear Wife and Children, I received your letter, but I have not had any tobacco since I got that little tin box with those matches and tobacco from Tolan's - wax matches. [This would be M Tolan & Company, of 26 Parliament Street and 15 Station Square, Tobacconists] I got one of your last letters yesterday dated December 4th, so it may turn up yet. I only want a bit of twist. I have broke my day pipe, worse luck. Tell Mary, as she is the oldest, I will give her my box to keep her handkerchiefs in, but she must not take it out of the house - keep it upstairs; and if her dada does not come back, she must never part with it. Of course, I am living in hopes of being there some day, but you never know what may happen here, and if anything does I wish George to have the pipe as a keepsake, but I think we shall pull through all right. We are still having wet weather here. I have sent two letters in front of this. I had just got one off when I got yours, so you will get them all together. I am all right; you need not worry over me. I think this is all.

Your loving husband, Charlie

Tell Emily I will try and get her a box. I never got my football paper. Send me a sheet of paper and an envelope in letter when you write again.


Harrogate Herald - 3rd February 1915

Private C White sends the following letters :

Dear Wife and Children, Just a few lines to let you know I am all right and that you need not worry over me, for I am in the pink yet. I sent you two letters last week; you should have got them. It is still very cold here, and the trenches are in a very bad state. We only want a boat, and then we can row up and down to see one another. I am sending this box for Emily. We had them sent full of caramels. I think this is all.

Your loving husband, Charlie.


Dear Wife and Children, I received your parcel all right, and was very pleased with it. I was dying for a bit of good old twist tobacco, so was my pal. It saved our lives. We are blowing our brains away now. I gave him one of the caps to keep his head warm in the trenches at night, for it is cold. Thank Mrs Herrington for matches, and tell George I could not get the pipe in the box, so will send it later on. I am writing to thank the lady, but you have not put the address on. I am putting it in the letter like this, so if it dos not find them let me know.

Your loving husband, Charlie.


Claro Times - 5th November 1915

Private C White, 1st West Yorkshires, son of Mrs White, [10] Westmoreland Passage, Harrogate, is unofficially reported killed in action in France. Though the news has not yet been officially received, there is, unhappily, no reason to doubt its accuracy.

Private White was reservist, having served with his regiment throughout the South African War. He had been in France since the commencement of hostilities, and up to coming home on leave a week or two ago, had not received a scratch. His many friends were delighted to renew acquaintance, and he returned with the good wishes of all for his continued immunity from misfortune. He had not been many days back in France, however, before he fell a victim to a German shot. The news was conveyed to his relatives by his platoon sergeant.


Harrogate Herald - 15th December 1915

Mrs White, widow of Private Charles White, of the West Yorks Regiment, desires us to state that she has received the official information of her husband's death, stating that he was killed in action on the 27th October, 1915. We announced the sad occurrence from information received in a private letter in our issue of November 3rd. The date of the official information is the 7th November, 1915, received in York on the 10th November, 1915. We publish this announcement because the communication of the authorities has not previously been given in our columns.



1st Battalion, Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)

5942 Private Charles White

Born : Christ Church, Harrogate

Enlisted : Harrogate

Died : 27th October 1915


France and Flanders


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