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Driver J Whitehead


Harrogate Herald - 1st December 1915

Driver J Whitehead writes : 

Just a line or two to thank you for the Harrogate paper which I have received every week up to last week. The reason I have not received that is I have changed my lodgings again, as you will see by the address. I have moved up country at last, after six months of waiting - better late than never. I am about five miles behind the firing line, and can hear the big guns going quite plainly. We had a visit from some German aeroplanes last week, and they sent us some souvenirs down in the shape of bombs, but they did not do any damage. The roads are in an awful state here - up to the horses' stomachs in some places, and when we put our feet down it takes a bit to pull them out again. I expect Harrogate will be very quiet now the winter is coming on; but wait until the boys come home again (which I hope will not be long); we will liven things up a bit. I will have to dry up now, as I have not much time. Hoping you are in the best of health, and wishing you and your paper every success.


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