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Jim Whitehead


Harrogate Herald - 26th September 1917

W H Breare letter

Last week I had Driver John Whitehead, ASC, in to see me. He is of the 49th Division, and was due to return last Friday. He had been out 30 months and was lucky enough to see his brother Jim Whitehead the Friday before he came on leave and Sergeant Calverley. Whitehead was a joiner for Raworth Brothers, with whom he served his apprenticeship. On one occasion he saw a regiment containing lots of Harrogate boys, just going on a route march. Amongst those whom he knew were Draper, Rogers, and John Lee, the two latter of the Herald staff. Another of Whitehead's brothers, Bob Whitehead, is in the ASC, but at present in Ireland. Both brothers were members of the West Park FC. My caller has had no wounds and been in good health all the time, so far.


Harrogate Herald - 16th January 1918


W T ???, RGA, writes : 

I enjoy your letter and all letters from the boys. There are not many Harrogate chaps near us. I never meet any. I see by the Herald G W Sawbridge has got back to the line. He seems to be amongst the Harrogate lads. Jack Whitehead, he mentions, will be my cousin, I think, of the ASC. Jim Whitehead is in England. We had some reinforcements to our battery and one chap belongs to Starbeck, so I hand the Herald to him. His name is Hawke, and his father is a driver on the NER. I was glad to read in your letter that L Ferguson had been over and was well. I knew him and his brother when they had the fruit shop near your works.



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