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Private A W Wilson

Harrogate Herald - 7th April 1915

Private A W Wilson, 51494, B Company, PPCLI, says :

Dear Sir, Thanks very much for the Harrogate Herald, which I received last night, March 31st. I can assure you it was most welcome. When I have read it I shall pass it on to Private Smith, another Harrogate man in our regiment, whose home is in West Park, I believe. We are at present resting in billets a few miles from the firing line, but can still hear the never-ceasing boom of the big guns. We have quite an exciting time even hear. This morning, soon after daylight, a German airman circled over our billets. Our anti-aircraft guns got after him and placed over thirty shells close round him. None struck him, however; he dropped one bomb, which struck the ground about 100 yards from where some of our men were standing; then rising to a great height, he disappeared over the German lines. This is the third morning in succession he has passed over our heads. We are expecting to be back in the trenches shortly. Again thanking you for the Herald.

Yours very truly, A W Wilson.



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