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Gunner H Winn


Harrogate Herald - 31st January 1917


Gunner H Winn, writing from Salonica, says : 

A few lines to thank you for the Herald. I had no time to write to you when I received the first, and I received the second today. It is a great pleasure to read your paper and to see how things are going on in Harrogate. I have not had the pleasure of meeting anyone from Harrogate or district out here yet. I see by your paper There are a few Harrogate boys here. I should very much like to drop across some of them . It has not been my luck. The weather is very warm through the day and frosty at nights. There has been snow on the big hills against us now for a few days. I am in the best of health at present, hoping you are the same, and wishing you and your paper every success.


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