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Trooper Winram


Harrogate Herald - 8th December 1915

Trooper Winram, of the Fortgarry Horse, who is in the Royal Bath Hospital, came over withy the first Canadian contingent. He took part in the fighting on the Fleur Bay front and in the attack on Hill 60. he was making his way forward on horseback in the night, when his horse got caught in the wire entanglements. In its struggles Winram was thrown off and got severely lacerated in both legs and arms by the barbed wire. The terrible effects of the barbs can hardly be credited. Trooper Winram is still lame in one leg and has to move with the aid of a stick; otherwise he is very well and in excellent spirits. Winram has had some narrow escapes from shell explosions, when comrades beside him have been blown as far as twenty-five feet.


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