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Private Arthur Wise


Harrogate Herald - 20th January 1915

Private A Wise, writing to his sister-in-law, Mrs F Hind, 38 Cecil Street, Harrogate, says :

9th January, 1915,

Dear Sister, A few lines to answer to yours of today. Sorry that I shall not see the little boy to give the card to as we are miles from there now. It is a good photo of Jack Simms and party; they look very spick and span. I wish I could get one of us just coming out of the trenches. There is a bit of difference, I can tell you. I was sending my box today, but they won't take them. There is a rumour that we are coming home this month as we have had a rough time lately, and we are all about knocked out. I hope that it is true. It will be a treat to get one's clothes off and a good night's sleep in bed. We have had a rough fortnight. This last "do" up to the knees in mud and water, and the Germans have been busy shelling our trenches with their mortars that they fire out of the trenches, but they have not done much harm. We only have a few hits. Arthur

Have managed to get the box off. It may arrive before this card. Let me know if you get it all right. It is a better day, for a change, a bit of sunshine. We are in a convent about a mile from the firing line. We go back to the trenches tomorrow night, after four days out. We have just had a nice church parade. A different affair to English church parade; no polished buttons, but clay-drabbled soldiers singing as hard as they can and all interested in the short service. I think that is all this time. Remember me to everybody. With love to Lily and yourself.



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