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Charlie Wood


Harrogate Herald - 22nd December 1915

[Small extract from a letter from Sgt Fred C Allen to the Herald]

.......... I keep seeing Charlie Wood, who is stationed about 500 yards from here, and I can tell you he is sure looking well, although he doesn't get much fatter. I wish he would hurry up and give us another variety show, for the last one was "some" success. ..............



Harrogate Herald - 17th November 1915

W H Breare letter

You remember Charlie Wood, who got up that three days' show for the boys coming out of the trenches? He is a son of Mr and Mrs George Wood and brother of Miss Connie Wood, who collected those cigarettes and sweets sent to you on that occasion. Well, he is on leave and came in yesterday. He is very fit and jolly. I was delighted to hear from him that you speak of me as "the old man". That's right! I look upon you as my boys and am proud. I would have you regard me as something more than a casual friend, and I believe you do. Do not be afraid of giving me trouble. I have always time for your concerns.

Charlie Wood is the proprietor of a cinema and variety house in Scotland. He turned them over to a manager to run for him while away and enlisted. Charlie has a very responsible job and is happy in he consciousness of duty done and doing. Do you wonder that he is content? He is in the 50th Division. Sergeant Fred Allen, son of Christopher, is in the same locality as Wood, and he has sent me, by Charlie, his kind regards. It is a cold day, but I am warm.


Harrogate Herald - 10th January 1917


The following are men who have sent us the Army post-card briefly stating that they are well and have received papers and parcels, or whose letters contain views that have repeatedly been expressed by other correspondents, but show their friends that they are all right :

Second Lieutenant George Pearson (a happy and prosperous New Year)
Private S Addyman
Gunner W Bedford
T Balme
Private V Coates
J Dalby
Private H Hullah
CSM Gordon Ince
Lance Corporal W A Kemp (greetings)
F Milner (greetings)
J H McMahon
J Oldfield (with compliments of the season)
Gunner W W Pantry
Gunner F Padgett (greetings)
Charlie Wood (greetings)
Private H West
Sapper M H Wood (greetings)


Harrogate Herald - 9th January 1918

W H Breare letter

I had a surprise visit from my dear friend Sergeant Fred Allen, of the Canadians, the other morning. He is a son of Mr Christopher Allen, of Cathcart House, and you will remember or identify him amongst the brothers when I tell you he married a daughter of the late Mr John Knowles, assistant station-master. Fred looks well, and says he has never been better. Not had a day's illness. He was able to tell me that Charlie Wood was in Italy. You boys who know Fred will understand with what regret I parted from him.


Harrogate Herald - 13th February 1918


S Batty, of Starbeck, says : I really must thank you for sending me the Herald. It may be only small, but out here it is worth its weight in gold. You've no idea how pleased we lads are to get news from home. I came out with C Wood and S Whitehouse and W Weatherhead, of Starbeck, but I have left them all now.


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