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D H Wood


Harrogate Herald - 22nd December 1915

Private J Oldfield, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, writes in a cheerful style to Mr Breeden, and says in the following extract : 

I am sorry I have not written to you before now, but now I have time I will let you know how we are getting on. I handed the paper you sent over to D H Wood, another of the Harrogate men. I receive the Herald very regularly every week, for which I thank you very much. The fighting out here is very slow right now. The Turks have got a good position in the hill; in fact some of the men say the hills are impregnable, but when you look back to Quebec and Gibraltar, and just think a minute, you will find that nothing is impregnable to the British Army. I have every confidence that we shall be over very soon, and then the war is over as far as Turkey is concerned. We shall then be able to give a hand either in France or Salonica, or any other place they wish to send us. I must close now, trusting you are in the best of health, and wishing your paper every success.


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