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Harrogate Herald - 18th April 1917

Private F Matson writes : Today is Easter Sunday, and a beautiful day it is. It makes one think that the summer is here, and one is back in Blighty - "IDT" - but things are looking much brighter now, and I hope it won't be long before all the boys are back again to their homes. We have not had much to complain of as regards the weather. January and February were the two worst months. I should be very glad of the "Annual" if you have one left, but I don't wish to cause you any trouble. I know that you will soon be thinking about publishing this year's. I have had the pleasure of meeting one or two of the Harrogate boys quite by accident. I happened to be out one evening, and I dropped in one of the little French estaminets for a coffee, when to my surprise I saw there a Harrogate boy. His name was Yates, and he was employed by Butterfield, chemist


Harrogate Herald - 21st November 1917

Private J Drury says : I am sorry to say that I saw in last week's Herald about poor Pearson, and I must say he was one of the most amiable chaps I have ever known, and very cheerful too. I know it will be a big loss to you seeing he was the man who did the book ruling and other jobs. I hope the others on the staff are in the best of health. I have been knocking about the country very much lately, but I think I am settled for the winter now. There is a lad called Yates in the RFA here, and I think he comes from Oatlands district. He is a Harrogate lad. I have made inquiries about him and tried to see him, and last week - I think it was Wednesday - when I asked some of his pals about him, they told me he had a bad cold and was laid up in his billet


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