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Thomas Atkinson - 10th November 1725 - K002

Darley, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

My Copyhold property and land of 10a 1r in Darley to my friends William Leuty senior, and Thomas Leuty, both of Holme, now occupied by me. Also my house and 3a at Menwith Hill, now occupied by Thomas Graham. Upon Trust to use the rents and profits to provide my wife Mary Atkinson with an annuity of 7 10s.

My wife to have the east parlour and the chamber above it [and other areas Will is torn here and unreadable He then lists items of furniture &c that she have the use of]. I also give her two guineas out of my personal estate.

My Executors to sell all my furniture and personal estate, less items already given to my wife, to settle my debts and funeral expenses. If insufficient the balance to be made up from the rents and profits from my real estate.

The residue of the rents and profits to my grandson Thomas Atkinson, chargeable with 80 to his father, Thomas Atkinson.

After the payment of this 80 then my Executors are to transfer my real estate to my son, he continuing to pay the 7 10s annuity to his mother.

Should my grandson die without issue, then my real estate to go to John Oldfield of Menston.

I appoint John England of Timble, and John Emmott of Darley, as Executors.

Witnesses : Jonathan Ward, Marmaduke Buck, Lawrence Buck




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