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I shall be slowly publishing, over the next few months, the 'bare-bone' extracts of the Knaresborough Wills that I have been transcribing over the past few years. I believe there to be 3,951 Wills in the Series that I have been working on, and at date I have 'done' 2,392 of them. There are currently 613 of them available on this site.

 Q & A associated with the Knaresborough Wills.










What and where are the Wills?

See WYAS leaflet.

What area do the Wills cover? 

See Locations.

My ancestor was very poor. Would he/she have made a Will? See Occupations.

Is that all the Will contains? NO - What you see is a highly condensed extract with the important facts. All the legal jargon has been cut out and details of tail, entail and provisos have been omitted. Many of the Wills are over 4xA3 pages long - I think the longest I've dealt with has been 24 pages.
What is an Admon Bond? If a person dies without making a Will he is "Intestate" and goods were divided by family by mutual consent. If property &c was involved then probate had to be made and Letters of Administration were taken out (Admon) and a Bond had to be made with the Court. The names you see are the Bondsmen.
Can I get a photocopy of the Will? That is entirely up to the current policy at the Sheepscar archives. Many of the Wills are very fragile and would not stand up to being photocopied. Write to : West Yorkshire Archive Service - Leeds, Chapeltown Road, Sheepscar, Leeds, LS7 3AP. You will need to quote that you are requesting a Knaresborough Will / The Reference / The Name of the testator. I do not know their current PCopy / Handling / Postage charges.
Can you tell me more about the family?

Only if they are a Harrogate family and I have had reason to have a look at them in some depth. Use the site Search facility. If nothing there then contact me.


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