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Thomas Simpson - 15th December 1722 - K004

Westend, Yeoman

My Copyhold house, 3 barns, and several closes, at Westend, all approximating to 10 acres, now occupied by Thomas Simpson, to John Simpson and William Simpson, both of Haverah Park, In Trust.

My eldest son Thomas to pay an annuity of 15 to my eldest daughter Jane Simpson when she reaches 21. Should he fail to do so, then my Trustees are to sell sufficient of the above real estate to meet this annuity. If he does pay the annuity then my Trustees are to surrender the property to him.

My house with 4a 3r of land at Westend, now occupied by William Hudson senior, to my Trustees, In Trust.

My son John Simpson to pay to my daughters Lydia Simpson and Ann Simpson 50 each when they reach 21. He is also to pay an annuity of 4 to my wife. The same provisos as above apply.

An ancient building with 2a 1r of land at Westend, occupied by Thomas Simpson The rents and profits to be received by my wife Ann Simpson until my son, Joseph Simpson, reaches 21, at which time he is to have this property. Should he die, without issue, before reaching 21 then the same to my son John.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my wife and my son, Thomas, and appoint then Executors.

Witnesses : John Wakefield, William Hardisty, George Taylor




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