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John Wooler - 27th December 1727 - K007

Knaresborough, Woollen Draper

To my son, when he reaches 21, John Wooler, the house now occupied by John Jewitt, and the house now occupied by Hannah Glover. Also the shop now occupied my myself. Also the 100 that is with Henry Slingsby. He is, meanwhile, to have the interest on all the above until he reaches 21.

Should my son die before inheriting, then the same to my brother, Edward Wooler of Northallerton.

To my wife, whom I appoint Executrix, the house in which I now live. Also all my shop and household goods.

My son John to have the above house on the death of my wife.

Memorandum to Will : My wife to receive an annuity of 5, chargeable to the rents from my two houses.

Witnesses : William Manby, Ursula Manby




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