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Thomas Atkinson - 15th September 1726 - K008

Knaresborough, Innholder

To my wife, an annuity of 8.

To my eldest son, Thomas Atkinson, 40 when he reaches 21.

The residue of my goods and chattels to my brother, Robert Atkinson and William Coates of Ripley, and appoint them Executors and Trustees. They are to settle my debts and then use the residue for the education and maintenance of my three younger children, John Atkinson, Robert Atkinson, and Susannah Atkinson, until they reach 21, when what is remaining is to be divided amongst them.

Should my son Thomas die, without issue, before inheriting then John is to receive 60 and have no share in the residue of my personal estate.

Witnesses : Thomas Manby, William Leeming, Francis Shepherd




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