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Sarah Simpson - 31st May 1725 - K009

Catton, Spinster

To my brother William Metcalfe, 60 when he reaches 21 or gets married. He is to receive the interest in the meantime. Also 5 to buy mourning clothes.

To Ann Rushforth, daughter of William Rushforth, 5.

To John Bilton, Charles Bilton, George Bilton, and William Bilton, sons of John Bilton of Knaresborough, 2 10s each.

To Mary Bilton and Elizabeth Bilton, 5 each when they reach 21.

To Elizabeth Hinel, Jane Hinel, and Mary Hinel, daughters of Jane Hinel, 10 each when the reach 21.

To Matthew Procter of Leeds, and his three children, 2 10 each.

To Sarah Simpson, daughter of my brother William Simpson,40 when she reaches 21 or gets married.

To John Simpson, son of my brother William, 40 when he reaches 21.

To Thomas Simpson, son of my brother William, 20 when he reaches 21.

Residue of my goods, chattels and personal estate to my brother William, whom I appoint Executor.

Witnesses : Frances Sharpe, Sarah Wade, William Coates junior




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