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William Bruce - 13th September 1726 - K015

Arkendale, Yeoman

To my brother Richard Bruce £20.

To Richard Bruce, the son of Richard, £10.

To Elizabeth ????????, daughters of Richard [which one?], £6 each when they reach 21.

To Elizabeth Simpson, daughter of my sister Elinor Simpson [Elinor Bruce], £10

To my uncle [?] Will Bruce of Stanley £2

To my aunt [?] ??? Bruce and my cousin Richard Brown, £1 each.

I appoint, my father Richard Bruce and my brother Robert Bruce and my sister Elinor, Executors.

Witnesses : Will Pullan junior, John Cartwright


Undated Codicil

My brotherís wife, Ann Bruce, 40s to buy a mourning coat. Little Elinor Sparrow 10s. My sister Elinor Simpson 40s for a mourning coat.




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