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Lawrence Baitson - 25th June 1725 - K017

Kettlesing, Parish of Hampsthwaite

To George Simpson, son of John Simpson, of East End, 20.

To Steven Simpson, brother of George, 20.

To John Simpson, brother of George, 4.

To the children of John Simpson, by his first wife, 20.

To Sara Hutchinson of East End, 30. Should she die before inheriting then the same to be shared by her two sons.

To Elizabeth Simpson of East End, 18.

To John Johnson, 20. Should he die before inheriting then the same to his brother Jonathan Johnson.

To Jonathan Johnson, 28.

To Ellen Harper, 20.

To Marie Hutchinson, senior, 1.

To Richard Hutchinson, Thomas Hutchinson, Jonathon Hutchinson, and Marie Hutchinson junior, 4 to be shared.

To Joseph Slingsby of Wetherby, 5.

To John Jeffray and his daughter, Isabel Jeffray, 2.

To Elizabeth Benson of Great Ouseburn, 2.

To William Burton junior, 2.

To William West, 1.

To John Craven, 1.

To Antony Downs, 1.

To Jonathon Downs, 10s

To Arthur Smithson, 10s

To Elizabeth Dow, 1

To the poor of the hamlet of Felliscliffe, 20, the interest to be given to then yearly.

I appoint William Jeffray and William Hutchinson as Executors.

To Sara Hutchinson all my bedding.

To Isaac Baitson all my clothes.

Residue of my real and personal estate, goods and chattels, to my Executors.

Witnesses : Arthur Myers junior, Mary Collier




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